At the Law Offices of Kelly J McDonald, we have helped numerous nurses with their issues involving the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN) for years. With years spent as a practicing RN, Kelly McDonald s uniquely qualified to assist his clients with their Arizona State Board of Nursing matters drawing on his clinical knowledge as well as his experience with healthcare in a real world setting.


License to practice

Sometimes the Arizona State Board of Nursing may impede a Nurses ability to practice in the state of Arizona by not granting a license to practice. This may happen to anyone: a recent graduate, a traveler, or even a nurse coming out of retirement. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to obtain a license to practice, you may need the assistance of an attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the Arizona State Board of Nursing to assist you with this process. While the reasons that you may need this help are many, including past discipline, prior convictions, or questions of character and fitness, Kelly J McDonald can help you obtain your license to practice in the state of Arizona.



There are many times when a nurse is required to report themselves to the AZBN. Some are clinical, such as medication errors or patient issues, while others are non-clinical, such as criminal arrests or convictions. No matter what the reason for a self-report is, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Arizona Board of Nursing attorney before doing so. With years of experience before the AZBN, and an in-depth knowledge of the nurse practice act, Kelly J McDonald will help you determine if a self-report is necessary. Additionally, if a self-report is necessary, having legal representation at the onset will help you better control the situation and improve the odds of a favorable outcome.


Investigative Questionnaire

If you have been reported to the AZBN for a potential violation of the nurse practice act, an investigator at the AZBN may send you an Investigative Questionnaire. While this may seem an easy opportunity for a nurse to explain themselves in an effort to make the complaint go away, this is really just an attempt for the AZBN to collect evidence that may be used against you. Since your response to this questionnaire may have severe consequences, a well drafted response, crafted by an expert attorney is necessary. At the Law Offices of Kelly J McDonald we will ensure that your response to this investigative tool clearly demonstrates your version of the events that led to your complaint/self-report while protecting you from the potential accidental or inappropriate of self-incrimination.


Investigative Interview

In an investigative interview, you will be interviewed by an investigator for the AZBN. Just like the Investigative Questionnaire, this is not your opportunity to “clear your name” but is mere an opportunity for the investigator to obtain information that may later be used against you. In a situation like this, he protection of legal representation is truly important. With the experience of thousands of hours of interviews, trials, and depositions, and the knowledge of an RN, Kelly J McDonald will ensure that you are protected in these interviews while telling your story to the investigator.


Hearings and Board meetings

When a complaint is ready for a review of its merits it will be scheduled for a hearing or a Board meeting. Not only is this one of the most intimidating procedures that the AZBN has, but it may also be the time where the discipline of a nurse is decided. During these proceedings you will be subjected to some very difficult questions that will not only involve your complaint, but also any other issues or information that the AZBN or its designees deem appropriate. This is where the extensive trial and administrative hearing experience of Kelly J McDonald will provide you with protection and an assurance that you will receive the fairest possible treatment.


Free 30 Minute Consultation

If you have questions about any of these Arizona State Board of Nursing actions or proceedings, or any other issues that you may have before the AZBN call today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Combining years of experience as a nurse, administrative attorney, and litigator, Kelly J McDonald can assist you no matter what your needs are.